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Alexander Retrov makes inaccurate predictions about Comet Elenin

Alexander Retrov
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Alexander Retrov (a.k.a. Trevor Alexander) bills himself as a "Psychic and Scientific Researcher"

Alexander Retrov (a.k.a. Trevor Alexander) makes some very strange and outrageous claims about Comet Elenin. Apparently "Retrov/Alexander" has left Australia for Egypt1.

Alexander Retrov = Trevor Alexander = Trevor Hill

"Alexander Retrov" is the pseudonym of Trevor Alexander a.k.a. Trevor Hill, a former singing teacher for Wesley College, in Melbourne Australia. As 'Trevor Alexander' he was convicted and spent time in prison for sexual acts with a minor, before being acquitted in a retrial in 2003. His wife, Elspeth McKenzie was also originally convicted. An appeals court overturned the convictions and ordered a new trial on the grounds that Judge erred in the case by allowing the jury to hear highly prejudicial testimony by 5 classmates of the victim. The second trial resulted in the acquittal of Alexander. Charges against McKenzie had been dropped prior to the second trail.

It is unclear what their legal names are, or whether Elspeth MCKenzie is "Christine Hill" a.k.a. "Krystal Hille-Alexander".

A YouTube interview:

In a YouTube interview, Alexander/Retrov made the following statements:

"Who I am doesn't matter".

This appears to be an attempt to deflect the discussion from his past, why he changed his name, his credentials, and the basis for making the claims he makes.

"I started channeling (at the age of 14)"

The source of his information appears to be his channeling of what he calls "Source".

"going overseas in 2005"

Was that to get away from the notoriety?

"… saw an image of Akhenaten, and just had a total rememberance that was who I was"

Or, he has a case of False Memory Syndrome, or he is saying that to attempt to lend weight to his rambling claims.

Alexander Retrov's home page

At Retrov's website we read:

"From the age of 14, Alexander Retrov started channeling his then Spirit Guide. Several life changing events led him to the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt where he remembered his past life as Akhenaten, connected to his Cosmic Self, to Source, and remembered his purpose as a Keeper of Light and channel for the awakening of others. However Alexander Retrov is not only a psychic, tarot reader and channel, but also firmly based in scientific proof, geological evidence, and astrophysical fact."

The claim made at the end of that last sentence has patently not been demonstrated.


In a YouTube Video (that has now been removed), Retrov makes several outrageous claims. In the first few minutes alone, we find the following gems:

Retrov claims that 'Vibrational Harmonics' induced by the comet have caused earthquakes. He states that when the objects are lined up, that the 'vibrations' are amplified. Leaving aside what is vibrating (Space is empty, therefore there is no medium to transmit vibrations, or create harmonics), we will look at some of his claims.

February 27, 2010: 8.8 earthquake in Chile

First claim: Elenin was in alignment with the Earth on the date of the 2010 Chile Earthquake: Wrong.

It's about 9 minutes of arc off, and as you can see from the green line, Earth never passes directly between the comet and the sun. The non-astronomers don't think in 3 dimensions. They only look at a top down chart and then, if it doesn't fit, fudge it a bit. Elenin was also 6 AUs away from the Earth, out between Jupiter and Saturn.

September 4, 2010: New Zealand Earthquake

Second Claim: An alignment on September 4th, 2010: Closer, but still wrong.

Looking from Earth out past the Sun at Elenin. Looks like Alexander Retrov's "vibrational harmonics" idea needs some work. Apparently his 'exact alignment' doesn't need to be quite so exact. I wonder how narrow his 'beam' is?

March 11, 2011: Honshu Japan

Third claim: Alignment on March 11, 2011 (Japan Earthquake)

This time Retrov is off by 1° 4'. That means his 'vibrational harmonic' beam must be at least 2° 8' wide, right? So much for an exact alignment.

August 17, 2011

Fourth claim: An alignment between Earth, Mercury, the Sun and Venus on August 17th, 2011: An even wider miss.
In the video, he predicts: "A massive earthquake on the planet, probably somewhere between Alaska and San Francisco".

Mercury is out of alignment by 4°, 37' 15". That means that Retrov's 'Vibrational Harmonics' has to work at an angle of at least 9° 14'.

The largest earthquake on that date was a 6.2. Remember that we get (on average) one between 6.0 and 6.9 every three days.

September 26, 2011

Fifth Claim: An alignment on September 26th will cause massive earthquakes, especially in the Pacific rim.

It hardly seems worth posting an image of the so-called 'alignment' now, since Comet Elenin has apparently broken up and disintegrated, but in the link you can see that it would not have been between us and the sun. Again, non-astronomers tend to only think in two dimensions.

Missed Earthquakes

Retrov has claimed that the Chile earthquake in February 2010, the Christchurch earthquake in September 2010, and the Honshu earthquake in March of 2011 were the result of alignments and his 'vibrational harmonics'. Here is a list of 7.0 and larger earthquakes that have occurred since January 2010, that are not on his list.

Magnitude Location Date
7.1 Solomon Islands January 3, 2010
7.0 Léogâne, Haiti January 12, 2010
7.0 Ryukyu Islands, Japan February 26, 2010
7.1 Central Chile March 5, 2010
7.2 Pichilemu, Chile March 11, 2010
7.2 Biobío Region, Chile March 15, 2010
7.2 Baja California, Mexico April 4, 2010
7.7 Sumatra, Indonesia April 6, 2010
7.0 Pichilemu, Chile May 3, 2010
7.0 Arica, Chile May 5, 2010
7.2 Sumatra, Indonesia May 9, 2010
7.5 Nicobar Islands, India June 13, 2010
7.0 Papua (province), Indonesia June 16, 2010
7.0 Tirúa, Chile July 14, 2010
7.6 Mindanao, Philippines July 24, 2010
7.5 Port Vila, Vanuatu August 10, 2010
7.1 Pastaza Province, Ecuador August 12, 2010
7.2 Papua (province), Indonesia September 29, 2010
7.4 Bonin Islands, Japan December 21, 2010
7.3 Coast of Vanuatu December 25, 2010
7.0 Santiago del Estero, Argentina January 1, 2011
7.2 Araucania, Chile January 2, 2011
7.0 Loyalty Islands January 13, 2011
7.2 Southwestern Pakistan January 18, 2011
7.3 Near East Coast of Honshu, Japan March 9, 20112
7.1 Near East Coast of Honshu, Japan April 7, 2011
7.2 Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands June 24, 2011
7.6 Kermadec Islands region July 6, 2011
7.0 Off the East Coast of Honshu, Japan July 10, 2011
7.2 Vanuatu August 20, 2011
7.1 Vanuatu August 20, 2011
7.0 Northern Peru August 24, 2011
7.0 Vanuatu September 3, 2011
7.3 Fiji September 15, 2011

It appears to me that Retrov is the one not telling the whole story.

Additional Claims

Mag 12-15

At 2:22 Retrov claims: "The whole Pacific rim will go with magnitude 12 to 15 earthquakes"

This claim is impossible geologically. The largest earthquakes possible today are in the 9.6 to 9.8 range. This is based on the type and length of the faults involved. Both Chile and Japan have had earthquakes in this range in the 20th and 21st centuries, and both regions are convergent plate boundaries with subduction zones.

Disappearing Land

At 2:30 Retrov claims that the following land masses will "disappear": New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, China, Korea, Russia, the West Coast of America. The exact mechanism of these disappearances is not given, although he motions downward with his hand, implying that these land masses will sink. Exactly how he thinks millions of square miles of land mass will 'disappear', and where they will 'disappear' to is not detailed.

Needless to say, this is a geological impossibility.

Tidal Waves

Retrov claims that the East coast of Austrailia will not be affected by the earthquakes, but it will be affected by the tidal waves.

"Cosmic, sonic shockwave"

At 2:55 Retrov claims that there will be a "Cosmic sonic shockwave" which will "totally blow out our Van Allen belts and our magnetic shields" and "leave the planet totally open to gamma radiation". Unfortunately Retrov appears not to understand that protection from extraterrestrial gamma radiation is mostly provided for by the mass of the atmosphere, and not by the Van Allen Radiation belts and not in magnetic fields. This claim also runs into problems because a "sonic shockwave" would need a medium (such as gas) to operate through. Therefore it is not possible for such a 'shockwave' to exist outside the atmosphere.

Rambling and incoherent

Beginning at 4:56 Retrov makes the following rambling and incoherent statement:

"When our solar system was forming, all of the cosmic dust and everything (waving hands), starts spinning, because everything's rotational energy, so it all starts rotating, and have you ever wondered why scientists can't explain gravity? They can tell you what it does, and the effects of it, but they can't explain it, because everything in this universe comes from 'Source', right? (writes 'Source' on the whiteboard) Can we… can we accept that as a given, that everything comes from 'Source'? Everything comes from 'Source' down… (draws a vertical line downward from the word 'Source') "Highest vibration, lowest Density… " (writes this at the top of his line, next to 'Source') "… ok? Highest vibration, lowest density… down to lowest vibration, highest density." (writes this at the bottom of his vertical line) "Now density is just how many molecules you can cram into a little bit of space. Now, the interesting thing about that is, because everything just this continuum of vibration…" (waving hand up and down) "… look around, all you're seeing is slowed down light. Every person you look at is just slowed down light. Slowed down through all sorts of different frequencies, slowed down through sound. Sound, is slowed down light. You, matter, is just slowed down sound… into a higher density. So when the sun was first forming, it wasn't gravity pulling everything together, it was actually things being compressed from outside. It was consciousness, compressing down, and slowing down vibration. That's why scientists can't explain gravity".

Basic astronomy errors

At 10:40 Retrov claims that up until 1927 we could only 'see' Saturn. Retrov completely ignores the fact that Uranus was first observed (and miscategorized as a star) in 1690, and was recognized as a planet is 1781.3, and that Neptune was discovered in 18464. He also claims that Uranus was discovered as a result of its gravitational perturbations on Saturn. This is false.

Lecture Tour

USA and Europe

During August and early September, Alexander Retrov was undertaking an extensive lecture tour, taking in (among other places) Los Angeles, London (27th August) and Germany (first week in September) where no doubt his audience will have been treated to much the same sort of nonsense as in his video. Tickets were on sale at $35, £35 and €35 respectively. Throw in the revenue from book and DVD sales and it's quite apparent that there's money to be made from spreading unfounded fear and anxiety.

Egypt Tour

Apparently Retrov has been using the proceeds from his lectures and DVD sales in order to finance a trip to Egypt between September 10, and September 23, 2011.

From his website5:

Dates: Saturday Sept 10 – Sept 23 (Flights out of Australia Sept 9)

Investment: ~AU $1975 not including International airfares. (We may be able to negotiate a group discount for airfares out of Melbourne, depending on numbers – Current cost ~ $2100-$2400).

The price includes all internal Egyptian airfares and other internal transport. It also includes full board on the Felucca and most breakfasts in other accommodation. There is a possible that the price may go down depending on numbers and our ongoing negotiations with our Egyptian associates and international airlines.

Update: His 'explanation' for his massive failure

On September 28th, 2011, Retrov posted this notice on his page:

I have had a chance to review the comments and actions that have unfolded, or not unfolded, in the passed(sic) few days. Firstly, I am only doing what my heart tells me to do. I believe i was given the true events, but ‘wrong’ date for a reason, that reason being to expose people’s true state of heart prior to the actual events unfolding. And oh how it has done that. Just look at how people have ‘turned’ venting their anger. I told everyone NOT to believe me, to do your own research and trust your own heart. But look in the mirror, how did YOU choose to react? I am just a trigger to bring these things to the surface. Some of you sent wondering blessings of awareness, others vicious attacks. I have noticed only one thing can create such reactions in people – Truth – either their recognition of it, or denial of it. If people even bothered to ask politely, we would have responded, but alas people choose to attack blindly without even thinking. That is a sad reflection on them. The events WILL happen – when? The next 6 weeks may well have many people eating their words. But how many will be able to shift what is in their hearts?

Our Response to Retrov

You say that you are only doing what your heart tells you to do. That's a lovely cop-out. What your heart is apparently telling you to do is to spread fear and panic, and (oh by the way) profit from it along the way. How much money did you receive for your seminars where you spread this phoney information? How much money did you receive from the sales of your DVDs?

Your statement that you believe you were 'given the true events' but with the 'wrong' date, is right up there with Nancy Lieder's assertion that her (also incorrect) prediction of Planet X arriving in 2003 was a 'white lie'. You were wrong. You were wrong from the beginning, from the moment you started off your seminar and began spouting gross inaccuracies (i.e., lies) about astronomy, about Comet Elenin, and about earthquakes.

You speculate as to the reason why you were 'given the wrong date'. Let me make a guess of my own: Your date was wrong because you were simply passing on your mangled interpretation of what others had said. You don't have a 'clear channel to source', and I'm willing to wager that 'source' exists only in your head.

You reference people who have 'turned', venting their anger. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that they now feel as I have felt since the first moment I heard about you? Perhaps they think you are a con-man, a petty criminal who steals money by manipulating your victims' emotions.

You say that you told everyone not to believe you, and to do their own research. How were they supposed to do that, when you presented yourself as a 'clear channel to source'? Were they supposed to ask 'source' as well? People believed you because you told them that you had the inside information on the truth. Now that you have been exposed as a liar and a fraud, they correctly feel duped. I never believed your crap, and I told everyone I could that you were a fraud, and I was doing that before you took your little jaunt to Egypt. Basically you are blaming your victims, and telling them "Shame on you for believing me!". Perhaps they bear some responsibility for being gullible, but they were following you, and you have just told them that they should not make the same mistake twice. I hope they listen to that piece of advice.

Then, after deflecting blame onto your victims, you go on to claim that the events will happen, and toss out the possibility of them happening in the next six weeks. Why? Why should they believe you now? You were wrong then, and you are wrong now. All of the objections raised in this page still hold true. You are just stringing your victims out, milking them for every last cent, aren't you?

What is in my heart, Retrov, is what is not in yours: Compassion for your victims. If there was any justice in this situation you would be arrested and charged with defrauding your victims. I hope that they get together and sue you.

— Astrogeek

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