Jaysen Q. Rand
Jaysen Q Rand is not a scientist, despite his use of "Doctor" and "PhD".

"Dr." Rand
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"Dr." Jaysen Q. Rand, "PhD", aka Paul Bruce Bondora. This undated picture that is used in his book is likely from the 1980s, and Bondora appears much older now. Click the picture for a more recent photograph.

Editor's Note: Rand has implied that he is considering filing a defamation complaint against this website. We invite Rand or his representatives to indicate which portion or portions of this page are false or contain factual errors. Once so indicated, we will investigate and if the claim or claims are found to be false we will modify the site. He has also claimed that we have not read his book. To the contrary, we have in fact read his book, having borrowed a copy in 2011. Since he has recently made an issue of this, we paid $0.99 for a used copy (overpriced in our opinion) and now have a reference copy at hand.

From the book: About the Author

The following is a blurb in Rand's book The Return of Planet X.

Dr. Rand received his Honorary Ph.D. in the field of Energyinformative Sciences, from the Academy of Energyinformative Sciences, conducted with Moscow University, Russia.

His contributions in the study and pursuit of Extraterrestrial Communications, research into UFO phenomena, cosmology and his representing the United States at The First World UFO Congress (Tucson, AZ - 1991) - earned him distinctive recognition and his Doctorate from their Russian Academy of Sciences on December 18, 1992 in Moscow.

Jaysen Rand also attended the University of Illinois (Chicago Campus), Palmer School of Business, the National College of Chiropractic and earned three U.S. Army (MOS) school diplomas from (1963 - 1966).

He's also a gold/platinum, multi-award winning music producer/recording artist/songwriter/publisher and recording studio manager being a music A&R executive with real hands-on corporate industry experience.1

An Analysis

In the following section we will go through the above statements, and analyze them. This is not an 'ad hominem' attack, but rather (since Rand is prominently using his Ph.D. to sell his book) an analysis of the level of his authority on the subject.

"Jaysen Q Rand" is a pseudonym

First of all, it should be noted that "Jaysen Quinton Rand" is the pseudonym of Paul Bruce Bondora, currently a resident of Mississippi. Bondora stated on an internet radio program recently that he has two registered pseudonyms: "Jaysen Q. Rand" which he used while writing his books, and "Cory Wade" which he used in his music production career.

Source of Information

Rand's prominent use of the titles "Doctor" and "Ph.D." on his book and in interviews signals his desire to be taken as an authority on the subjects he discusses. However, delving into the book we find that Rand's information does not come from scientific studies of the subject material, but rather from esoteric and revelatory sources. In his own words:

This seminal work respectfully addresses itself to the President's White House science staff exploring certain impending questions/conclusions/directives surrounding the ongoing welfare of mankind ans his continued existence here — the future of our world — spaceship Earth. This book is not meant to frighten its readers — but more so to challenge them to fully explore its contents — thus allowing or [sic] readers to make correct decisions about their futures and their loved ones.

I myself am a UFO/ET contactee since age 11 — given the ET assignment of writing a number of books on topic — and this is just one of them offering our readers a glimpse into Earth's future.2

(yes, the spelling and grammar are really that bad)

"Doctor" and "Ph.D" claims

From the book:

Dr. Rand received his Honorary Ph.D. in the field of Energyinformative Sciences, from the Academy of Energyinformative Sciences, conducted with Moscow University, Russia.

Rand says up front that his "Ph.D." is honorary. The practice of issuing honorary degrees by universities is intended to honor achievements in a particular field. According to Wikipedia:

An honorary degree [1] or a degree honoris causa (Latin: "for the sake of the honor")[2] is an academic degree for which a university (or other degree-awarding institution) has waived the usual requirements, such as matriculation, residence, study and the passing of examinations. The degree is typically a doctorate or, less commonly, a master's degree, and may be awarded to someone who has no prior connection with the academic institution.[3]

Honorary degrees are typically considered 'awards' and should not be listed in the 'Education' section of a C.V., but rather in a separate 'Awards' section. The use of the title 'Doctor' and 'Ph.D.' is typically governed by the granting institution, with practices and guidelines varying quite a bit.

In some countries, recipients of an honorary doctorate may, if they wish, adopt the title of "Doctor".[11] Many universities, however, request that an honorary graduate refrain from such practice. A typical example of university regulations is, "Honorary graduates may use the approved post-nominal letters. It is not customary, however, for recipients of an honorary doctorate to adopt the prefix 'Dr.' " [12] In some universities, it is however a matter of personal preference for an honorary doctor to use the formal title of "Doctor", regardless of the background circumstances for the award. Written communications where an honorary doctorate has been awarded may include the letters "h.c." after the award to indicate that status.

Examining the granting institution, however, is quite an eye-opener. Apparently the 'Acadamy of Energyinformative Sciences' is an acupuncture clinic in Moscow run by one Victor Porokhnia.3 The validity of an honorary PhD from this institution would be questionable at best. Rand connects the academy with 'Moscow University', however, there is no 'Moscow University'. There is a 'Moscow State University' which was apparently called 'Moscow University' from February to October 1917.4 which has no 'Energyinformative Sciences' section. There are apparently some research studies about acupuncture that have been published through the school, but these do not appear to be associated with the claimed 'Energyinformative Sciences' at all. It appears that this field of study is about as real a science as 'alchemy'.

Jaysen Rand also attended the University of Illinois (Chicago Campus), Palmer School of Business, the National College of Chiropractic and earned three U.S. Army (MOS) school diplomas from (1963 - 1966).

Presumably "Paul Bondora" attended these schools.

He's also a gold/platinum, multi-award winning music producer/recording artist/songwriter/publisher and recording studio manager being a music A&R executive with real hands-on corporate industry experience.
As a Grammy nominated record producer, Rand received significant industry recognition from RIAA, NARAS, NATRA, Billboard, Record World and Cashbox magazines, a Readers Digest article on hot dance music, a 60 -Minutes TV disco dance special, and 3 Dick Clark LA Music Award nominations earning him 35 gold and platinum records. Dr. Rand now resides in Horn Lake, MS.

We have found some supporting evidence for some of Bondora/Rand's claims with regard to his having a career in the music industry as 'Cory Wade', but the number of honors and awards etc. has not been verified (and frankly is irrelevant to his other claims).

Jaysen Q Rand has authored three books including The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, The Cosmic Blueprint For After and The Reality Engineer.

Well, at least one claim is true.

Suffice it to say that these claims are bogus at best, outrageous at worst.

The Return of Planet-X

Rand's 2007 book The Return of Planet-X And Its Effects on Mother Earth — A Natural Disaster Survivor's Manual is his self-published5 is his 341-page tome on his Planet-X ideas, which he calls 'a working hypothesis'.

Not only is his book self-published, but it is apparently self-edited, and suffers greatly from the lack of a professional editor. The content appears to be a re-hash of claims culled from other works, with his own brand of rambling incoherent chatty dialog. For example, on page 1, titled Introductory Overview he begins:

Hi everybody! I'm Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand, author of this timely natural disaster survivor's manual based upon the history/research/background/science into the reality of Planet-x—Wormwood.

We've just finished organizing and reassembling the scientific papers6, magazine/newspaper articles, Planet-X Internet offerings, plus a graphics illustration package designed to present the scope/mission of our work featured within its exhibits/illustrations/bibliography sections.

If Rand's apparently random use of italics and multiple terms separated by slashes seems bizarre to you, rest assured that the style continues throughout the book. As I said, the book could have benefited greatly from a professional editor.


Rand's Astronomy Reference
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DK Eyewitness book 'Astronomy' by Lippencott; ages 9 and up.

Rand claims that his book has over 2,000 references.7 However, most of these references appear to be non-scholarly. The majority are references to other popular works (e.g. Pole Shift by John White, Worlds in Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky, Cataclysm by Allan and Delair8) and are worthless as 'scientific papers' as claimed by Rand9. Most of his book uses cherry-picked information from other non-scientific sources, or basic astronomy texts. For example, a random chapter in The Return of Planet-X he cites Zecharia Sitchin 6 times, Allan and Delair10 4 times, a handful of news articles and websites, and a children's book on astronomy11 4 times!

Basic Astronomy Errors

Rand's errors in the most basic elements of astronomy and logic are breathtaking. He takes basic facts and in an attempt to jazz them up, turns them into errors. For example, on page 22 of his book we find the following:

Existing as an oblate spheroid, planet Earth, as seen from deep space, appears to be slightly flattened at the poles and bulging noticeably along her equatorial plane

He then goes on to cite the mostly correct polar diameter (790012 miles) and equatorial diameter (7926.713 miles). The problem is not in the minor differences. The problem is in his description of this as something that can be seen with the naked eye. The difference (using Rand's numbers) is 26.7 miles, or 0.3%. This is not spherical enough to be a ball bearing or even a pool ball,14 but is not going to be a visible difference.

Errors in The Return of Planet-X

In his 2007 book, Rand attempts to display his knowledge of various physical sciences. Unfortunately, just about every time Rand tries to cite a fact, he is wrong in some way. e.g.:

"As accurate as … atomic clocks are however, in recent years they have needed adjusting on numerous occasions due to to the fact that Earth's physical rotation is apparently 'slowing down.' "15

  1. Atomic clocks are extremely accurate and don't need adjusting.
  2. The official date and time needs occasional tweaking to keep our time in sync with the Earth's rotation (which varies ever so slightly in speed from various effects). This has nothing to do with atomic clocks (except that they are used as a reference).
  3. The earth is not apparently slowing down… it is slowing down through its interaction with the moon16. The current rate is about 2ms/century. That is the long-term trend, with a fairly recently discovered short term oscillation.

He then tries to tie the rotation speed of the earth with an event he calls a "magnetic collapse".

Book Review

A more complete treatment of Rand's book than I have been able to give here:


Appearance on Penn & Teller

Demonstrating Orbit
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Rand's 'demonstration' of a baby sun (a.k.a. Planet X) orbiting our sun.

Planet X?
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The supposed Planet X. More likely to be a lens flare, or Venus or another well known cosmic body.

Bondora/Rand has stated that he was 'set up' by P&T, and that the book signing was set up by their producers, and that the 11-year old girl was 'shepherded to him' by them.

Rand appeared on Penn & Teller's television show Bulls***! during season 7. He is seen promoting his book The Return of Planet X at a book signing to an 11 year old girl, as well as demonstrating what a dwarf brown star would have looked like while orbiting our sun. The absurdity of his demonstration is indicative of his clear lack of understanding of real orbital mechanics.

Additionally, he uses a photograph of the sun with what appears to be a bright orange dot above it. He claims this to be 'Planet X', a brown dwarf star. It is more likely that the object in the photograph is a lens flare, or the planet Venus or some other well known cosmic object and not the supposed doomsday star.

Coast to Coast AM interview


Description of Planet X

These are quick research notes…

  • spent brown dwarf star
  • size of saturn
  • more massive than saturn
  • connected to solar system
  • like sitchin suggests - elongated orbit
  • little understood and not accepted by modern day astronomers
  • x orbit 3600-4000 years, passes through solar system, and back out
  • 2 phases
  • first pass september or october 2009
  • 3 years to second pass in 2012
  • brown dwarf star
  • luminary body that failed to ignite
  • has mass and heat but not the same color - Muddy red
  • can't detect - range of light is not easily detected that far away
  • southern quadrant - behind the sun
  • greatly 'elonged' (SIC)
  • pulled on rubber band, natural shape elliptical (no, its not)
  • sister sun to our sun
  • ancient sumerian cosmology
  • first time: mass, weight, gravitational fields cause planets to be slightly disrupted
  • as mass goes into opposition to other planets, everything gets shook up a bit
  • NASA announced heating up of other planets (no, they didn't)
  • two magnets
  • assume celestial bodies act like magnets (no they don't)
  • if they come in opposition then it either repels them or excites them
  • mass of planet x causing central core of sun to rotate faster (no evidence of this)
  • solar max coming up in 2011 (no, not even in 2007 when this was apparently recorded)
  • "Nibiru" is in tow behind Planet X
  • According to Sitchin, the ETs come around every 3600 or 4000 years
  • a planetary body this size would push or pull debris fields.
  • even asteroids push and pull debris fields
  • Brown dwarf provides heat source for Nibiru
  • human development and intelligence progresses in jumps
  • "Nibiru" explains periodic jumps in mankind's ability
  • said he was one of the original "Kukla Fran and Ollie kids on WBBM"
  • in the music business in South Florida, looking for a new artist to do album covers
  • produced [an album by] two brothers (Lee and Stephen Tiger) miccosukee indians in everglades
  • lee tiger was the father created album

(rambling digression)

  • 12-inch albums early ELO album - contacted graphic artist
  • the group of people that I had my first contact experience with at age 11, from planet epsilon in the star system bootes (Bootes is a constellation, not a star system).
  • humanoid, look oriental
  • JQR taken 'out of body' several times from age 4 or 5 to age 8
  • "couldn't wait to go to sleep at night" was experiencing OBE (Out of Body Experiences)
  • Nothing happened until age 11, out in a boat, caught in a storm, boat was sinking, a 'k-box' forcefield surrounded him, and was taken to a large circular ship, and given an implant which shows up on x-ray.
  • was treated to a slideshow on 12 plasma screens, slide after slide after slide, left to right, mental communication back to him what he was seeing.
  • shown planet x / wormwood coming back into solar system
  • asked to take on the task (of what) was told that he would be a musician and a writer.
  • part of a large cadre of people
  • find it difficult for people to accept her as she is…
  • each of the people are given a small piece of the puzzle
  • scientific & religious communities don't want this information to get out.
  • point of book is not to scare people but to educate people
  • rough period from 2009 possibly ending in a total pole shift in 2012.
  • everybody says that in 2012 everything hits the wall (totally contradicted by research performed by this site)
  • claims third secret of fatima is about 2012.
  • vatican could be hit with severe earthquakes
  • blames 2004 indonesian earthquake on planet x
  • astronomers know about planet x and are being silenced by governments.
  • planet x will appear like a dimly lit shining star, but huge
  • once it emerges out from behind the glare of the sun we will be able to see it.
  • atlas books, ashland ohio (apparently now called 'bookmasters', this is a vanity publishing house where authors pay to have books published).
  • Revelation 8:10-13 (the Wormwood story)
  • last return of planet x coincided with the Biblical exodus from Egypt (by the way, the story of Exodus is unsupported outside of Biblical literature) est 1447BC, "roughly 3460 years ago"
  • claims that it accounts for parting of the red sea, plague of locusts, etc.
  • Noory: stories in the bible are based on astronomical / extraterrestrial events
  • Noory: How close will Wormwood/Planet X get to earth
  • X first phase pass september 2009, second phase pass December 2012
  • Noory: questions how this works
  • Rand: "we know nothing about how deep space works" tries to explain orbit, says that the short leg of its orbit is around the orbit of Pluto, and that PX comes in 'counter clockwise' (then revises it to say the planets orbit counter-clockwise (only if you are in the northern hemisphere, Jaysen) and that PX is 'counter to that'.
  • Noory goes off about the Vatican having an observatory in AZ.
  • Rand brings up "father Malachi"
  • enter the solar system somewhere between saturn and the asteroid belt
  • could be a catastrophic tipping of the earth's poles
  • claims earth's rotation and axis has shifted 26.5 degrees
  • wrote book in a very 'low key way' trying to stay away from facts and figures and all of that

0:48:22 in the video.


Jaysen Q. Rand is not only a fictitious name with an honorary PhD from a Moscow acupuncture clinic, but he can no more prove any of his claims of merit as he can prove the existence of a Planet X. His book, The Return of Planet X is a work of fiction with no real scientific evidence.

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