Editorial Policy
The Editorial Policy of Cosmophobia.org


The purpose of cosmophobia.org is to discuss and refute incorrect claims made about the cosmos, especially those claims that rise to the level of 'fear mongering'1. Sites or individuals that promote an unreasoning fear of the cosmos by casting normal astronomical events or new scientific achievements as things to be feared will be the primary focus of this site. As such it will frequently quote material found on other websites or in other sources under the 'fair-use' exception of the U.S. Copyright code for commentary and criticism. Please address any copyright claims to the site administrator by using the contact form.

Commentary and Criticism

This site engages in commentary and criticism of claims made by third parties. Therefore it will frequently name those third parties in the interest of accuracy. Our right to disagree with the claims and views of others does not constitute 'stalking' or 'harassment'. For more information on cyberstalking and cyberharassment laws in the United States please visit http://www.ncsl.org/issues-research/telecom/cyberstalking-and-cyberharassment-laws.aspx

Factual Basis

The policy of cosmophobia.org is that all claims made by the site must be made from a factual basis. Wherever possible authors are to provide links to or copies of the source material, whether it is written material, web pages, screen shots, audio recordings, etc. Pages found not to be based in fact are subject to editing or removal. This is especially true on pages were claims made by third parties are discussed and/or debunked.


The content of this site is the responsibility of the publisher Astrogeek and the individual authors of each page. Any material that is found to infringe any U.S. or international laws will be removed at the discretion of the publisher. This site does not represent the opinions or positions of Wikidot or any upstream provider of Wikidot. To file a complaint about content on the site please use the contact form.


Cosmophobia.org strives for accuracy. If any claim made in these pages is found to be untruthful, it will be edited or removed, and a retraction will be published on the page where the claim was made. Please address any corrections to the site administrator through the contact form.


Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License