Terral Croft
A Serial Pseudoscientist

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Terral Croft

Background Information

Name: Terral Croft
Real name: Terrence Lee Croft
Location: Claims to be in the Ozarks, in a trailer or cave.
Website: http://terral03.com/
YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TerralO3?feature=watch
Unfortunately, Terral's YouTube channel attracts considerable viewing figures, for example his video "ELEnin Dwarf Star Warning September 26, 2011"1 stood at nearly half a million hits, as at Feb 2012.
Newsletter: Terral and his followers produce a Newsletter, which for a fee can be subscribed to. Here is an example: Terral's Newsletter volume 31.

Terral on Terral

Background Info: Mine is a Navy Family. My nephew is a journalist on the USS Enterprise and my brother Buddy served on the USS Iwo Jima in the late 1970’s. While some have concluded otherwise, I have never served in the armed forces. My father is a class A General Contractor in the state of Florida and a licensed real estate broker. I designed and built my first commercial building at the age of 22. I was president and CEO of Press Medical Corporation in the mid 1990's where we developed Pressure-Sheath Technology; and of Terral Corporation where we invented Vapor-plasma Integrated Engines2. My love is to write Bible commentary. See links to my posts at Christian Forums.com, BibleDebateForum.com, Zola Levitt.com that represent only a few Bible Boards with my work. Some of my 911Truth work is posted at USMB.com. My ELEnin work is posted at PlanetX TownHall.com where I was selected to become a member of the Comet Elenin Research Team. I was a member of the Astrolpatriot Research Team that transitioned into our current Terral's Astronomy Research Group using Paltalk Messenger. Some of my critics complain that I am no astronomer. I showed up at Astrol’s group to take notes and run my own ELE investigation and never uttered a single word on the microphone. My fellow researchers pushed me to the front of the group, because they recognized that my ELE/dwarf star thesis, claims and conclusions match the evidence to a tee. Susan at offthegrid.com and Mike at go2ground.com pushed me into doing the Marshall Masters ELEnin Radio Show on May 3, 2011 and you guys keep asking me back; and I want to help people wake up to what is coming this summer.3

Chat Rooms: Terral has administrated various chat rooms on Paltalk. His room was closed down by Paltalk in March 2012, reportedly due to him giving dubious medical advice (see Other Claims below). He later returned with another chat room.

Bible Chat room - "Terral's Bible Q&A Room":
This is also on Paltalk, but in the Religion section. In this room Terral espouses a non-standard view of the bible and christianity. However, he keeps this quite separate from his "research" rooms. We do not deal with Terral's religious material.

Radio stations on which Terral has spoken include Freedom Slips, Freedomizer Radio., and New Revolution Radio. Archives of Terral's shows are available on the individual radio station websites. Some are also archived on YouTube.

Terral is also a 911 conspiracy advocate.


Terral Croft is widely regarded as a cult leader and a scammer. He operates by constructing imaginary disaster scenarios, around which he builds a cult following.

There is NO scientific support for any of Terral's disaster scenarios. They are based on some of the most ludicrous junk-science imaginable (see below). His following is accordingly drawn from that section of the public who have little or no scientific education.

His first disaster scenario involved comet Elenin, which he claimed would flip the Earth upside down and cause lethal solar flares (see Timeline below). He claimed that the only safe place to shelter from these events was in deep caves. He then claimed to have found a suitable system of caves in the Ozarks region of the United States. He offered people space there for rent. It is not known how many people actually paid for this, or made the trip to the caves before the predicted disaster date.

When the Elenin disaster failed, Terral declared that it had been a "useful dry run", and that it had been a governmental "psy op". He then constructed a new scenario involving a fictitious "heavy mass object" which is supposedly heading towards Earth during 2012.

Some have described Terral as a "Harold Camping wannabe". The group has also been compared to the Heaven's Gate cult/religion, since both groups involved ridiculous beliefs about comets (39 Heaven's Gate members committed suicide, believing that their soul would enter an alien spacecraft following comet Hale-Bopp).4.

Problems with Terral's claims

Misuse/Misunderstanding of software

In a YouTube Video, Dazzathecameraman details how Terral03 and TheBarCaroller are misusing the online planetarium software SolarSystemScope, and finding 'alignments' where none exst.

Terral's "Comet Elenin" Timeline - a total failure.

Quotes are taken from Terral's posts on "Planet X Town Hall".5 Terral repeated these same predictions in various chat rooms, YouTube videos, and forums.

March 2

"A dwarf star between Jupiter and Sun mass is approaching Earth […] from the Leo Constellation moving towards 44 Leo to break through the ecliptic plane on March 2, 2011."

The "dwarf star" was actually nothing more than a comet. We described it here.

March 11

"March 11 Saturn, Dwarf Star, Earth, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in alignment creating gravity trench for volcano/earthquake/tidal events to escalate."

Planetary alignments do not cause earthquakes. We explain why here with the help of Phil Plait.

July 7

"on July 7, 2011 the ELEnin dwarf star passes between the Sun and Saturn orbiting above the ecliptic plane, which should reveal some evidence that the dwarf star is attempting to gain polarity control over the ringed planet."

Terral's supporters at the time were discussing images which appeared to show that Saturn was tilting from it's "normal" orientation, in response to Elenin. What they failed to grasp was something that any astronomer knows very well - that the angle at which Saturn (or any planet) APPEARS to be tilted changes with the position of the observer on Earth, the time of day, and the orientation of the telescope. Put simply, we live on a rotating sphere, so our viewing angle changes!

In fact, during comet Elenin's passage through the solar system, Saturn's "tilt" was NOT altered. We explain this more fully here. The myth of "polarity control" is explained below in Other Claims.

Also note that Terral often capitalized the first three letters of "ELEnin", since these supposedly stood for "Extinction Level Event".

September 26

"even before the expected pole shift event on September 26, 2011, we expect to see solar storms intensify to become unbearable to the point that our survival groups are using deep caverns as part of our survival strategy"

The actual number of "unbearable" solar storms experienced was, of course, ZERO.

"The northern hemisphere should experience one long night through the worst of the solar storms that lasts for more than a week, which some sources say will last only for three days or so; while the southern hemisphere suffers through one long day of solar storms and fluctuating magnetosphere/atmosphere that literally burns everything on the surface to a cinder."

None of that happened.

"the worst-case scenario means meeting with my survival group at the cavern bugout location, before the crap hits the fan later this summer"

Nothing happened.

"September 26, 2011 marks the day of the next alignment, when the dwarf star is only 0.396 AU from Earth (36.8 million miles); when the dwarf star is expected to gain polarity control over the Earth and cause the Geological Pole Shift. This marks the time when the Earth will bow to the dwarf star's awesome magnetic field/polarity, so the northern hemisphere experiences many days of darkness; while the southern hemisphere is drawn nearer the Sun."

He predicted a geological pole shift. That is, a physical flip, not just a magnetic shift. The entire planet Earth was supposed to flip upside down, leaving the North pole where the South pole was.

That was obviously not going to happen. And didn't.

November 22

"third alignment on November 22 where the Earth passes directly between the two once again like on March 11. This marks the time of the Geological Pole Shift Reversal that tips the Earth back to near the current position, as the Sun regains polarity control from the dwarf star racing away from the inner solar system."

This SECOND pole flip also failed to happen.

So, the overall predictive accuracy of Terral's Elenin timeline was? - ZERO

Terral later claimed that comet Elenin only appeared to be related to earthquakes - the "real" culprit was another object which just happened to be travelling behind Elenin on the same trajectory. This served Terral in two ways - it was an excuse for his failed Elenin predictions, and it allowed him to set more dates for future threats from the "real" object - the Heavy Mass Object:

The Heavy Mass Object

Terral's "Heavy Mass Object" (HMO) is supposedly a "dwarf star" or a "black dwarf". He claims it's size and mass are "something between Moon and Earth size, but … mass that's proportionate to the Sun". He also claims that there are seven other objects orbiting around it, which he calls "orbitals", making it a "mini solar system".

In fact, the HMO does not exist.

We know this because the gravity of such an object would have changed the orbits of planets in the solar system. No astronomer, either professional or amateur, has reported any deviations in the expected orbits of the planets. We have also successfully navigated many probes through the solar system, using gravitational calculations based on the KNOWN objects in the solar system. If the HMO really existed, those calculations would have been wrong, and the probes would have deviated far from their actual trajectories.6

A mathematical simulation of the gravitational effects of a HMO can be seen in this video. The simulation begins at 4 minutes into the video: A Heavy Mass Object of 0.7 solar masses approaches the solar system, following a similar orbit to Elenin. The simulation shows that even as far back as 2007 this would have noticeably changed Saturn's orbit. As time passes, the orbits of all the planets become more and more distorted, then Jupiter is completely kicked out of the system. On subsequent passes of the HMO, other planets would also be lost.

Terral and Causic are aware of these arguments, and have tried to counter them by claiming that "Newtonian" mechanics does not work. Bizarely, they offer "plasma physics" as a better alternative, but the two theories do not even deal with the same area.

In fact, Newtonian Mechanics works as well today as when it was first formulated over 300 years ago. We now have more accurate laws of motion within General Relativity, but the difference between Newton's and Einstein's laws only become noticeable as objects approach the speed of light. At the velocities of planets, moons, asteroids, etc, Newtonian physics is more than adequate. This diagram shows the applicability of Classical versus other domains.

To put this into perspective, it was the slight gravitational effect of the then-unknown planet Neptune that led to it's discovery. French mathematician Urbain Le Verrier calculated the orbit of Uranus (using Newton's laws!) and found that the observed orbit did not exactly match. This meant that there must be some unknown gravitating body out there. He sent his calculations to an observatory, who found the new planet, Neptune, within 1 degree of the mathematically predicted location. Newton's Laws worked.7 The gravitational effects of Terral's massive HMO would be much easier to detect.

So Newton's laws work. The HMO does not exist. We can stop right there.

However, we will examine some of Terral's other claims:


When asked why the HMO cannot be seen by astronomers, Terral has put forward different reasons at different times:

1. It does not emit light.
However, a brown dwarf or similar body would emit in the Infra Red and would be detectable. And when it is within the solar system it would be visible by reflected sunlight, just as other planets are.

2. He counters arguments against 1 by claiming that it is too cold to reflect light.
However, we know that cold objects still reflect light. For example we can see Saturn by the light reflected from it's cloud tops which on average are at minus 290 degrees F.

3. It is cloaked by a magnetic field.
However, magnetic fields in space do not affect light.8

4. It is cloaked by Gravitational Lenzing, and has an "event horizon" around it, as with a Black Hole.
However, if it was a small-mass black hole then it would not fit the HMO description, and if it was a large-mass black hole then it would have affected the planets orbits, as described earlier.

5. Telescopes cannot see it when they are set to "deep space" rather than a few AU, or when they are focused "by light years" instead of AU's.

In fact, there is no such thing as a "distance setting" on an astronomical telescope. It doesn't matter whether you are observing the Moon, a planet, a star, or a galaxy, the same focus is used for them all. The light rays we receive from celestial objects are basically parallel, so a focus set to "infinity" works for them all.

This was discussed on a radio show - at 1min52 here. Terral gave the co-ordinates of the HMO to an amateur astronomer, who was unable to see it. Terral claimed that this was because the telescope had been focused to "deep space". This so amused one astronomer that he created a spoof advert for a telescope with settings for "AU and Light Years".

The 188 day cycle

Terral claims that earthquakes and shifts in the Earth's axis are being caused by alignments between the HMO the Sun and the Earth, and that these occur on a 188 day cycle. He claims that this "pattern of seismicity" (another of his catch-phrases) has been occurring since 1965. In fact, this pattern does not exist (see below).

Alignments do NOT cause Earthquakes. We cover this here, along with Phil Plait.

As support for his alignments theory, Terral has referred to a paper by Mensur Omerbashich. This paper has been thoroughly debunked here, here, and here. Omerbashich's paper has been summarized as "A sloppy paper which presents incorrect data. It ignores basic information on comets, basic physics and its “evidence” is drawing lines thorough planets"

But why 188 days? Well, consider a static object outside the solar system, close to the ecliptic plane. Because of the Earth's orbit around the Sun, there would be 2 alignments per year: One alignment would be when they line up in the order Earth » Sun » Object, the other alignment would be in the order Sun » Earth » Object. These would occur about 6 months apart, each time the Earth completes a half-orbit. This gives a period of 365/2 = 182.5 days. However, the HMO itself is also supposedly moving across our field of view, which according to Terral adds another 5.5 days, hence the 188 day cycle.

Note that it is the EARTH'S orbit around the Sun that creates the basic half-year periodicity - not the object's own motion. The HMO is supposedly in a highly elliptical orbit similar to comet Elenin, so when it is very distant it is almost moving along a straight line towards or away from us. At those times, it's lateral movement relative to us would be small, therefore alignments between the object, Sun, and Earth would depend principally upon the Earth's orbit, and would occur at (approximately) half-yearly intervals. However, as the object came closer, the half-year pattern would diverge and then completely fall apart. According to calculations by Keith Hunter, as the object approached, the number of days between successive alignments would change as follows: 186.6, 181.3, 187.7, 182.4, 190.0, 190.4, 196, 56, 209, 190.9

No 188-Day Cycle

Below we present a graph of the energy released (in Joules) by earthquakes since January 1st 200910. This graph summarizes the total seismic activity by day in joules for the period. The two spikes in the graph represent the Magnitude 8.8 February 27, 2010 Chile Earthquake, and the Magnitude 9.0 March 11, 2011 Japan Earthquake. We note the significant absence of a spike 188 days from either of those two events. It is notable that this graph shows very clearly a normal level of activity. Note that we expect one "Great" quake (8.0 or above) per year on average, and that is what we are seeing in this data.

In anticipation of the objections to converting the magnitude to joules, we note that the magnitude scale is logarithmic, which means that it actually dampens out the spikes. Displaying the graph in total energy should accentuate any 'pattern' existing in the data, and we do not find this at all.


An examination of all 6.0 and larger earthquakes since January 1, 1990 still shows no pattern, although we can clearly see the major quakes of the last 11 years (Indonesia 2004, Sumatra 2007, Japan 2011, etc.). Note that the period selected includes the tail end of a seismically quiet period from 1970 through about 2000 where fewer than average 7.0 and larger quakes were recorded. Frequently we see various doomsayers attempt to claim that earthquakes are intensifying or becoming more frequent, which we address on our planetary alignments page.


March 22, 2012 Prediction

Terral has gone "on record" as predicting a "fukushima-like event", which he also calls a "9.0+ event" (strongly implying but not quite stating that it will be an earthquake). His claim is based on this diagram (captured from his youtube video. Click to enlarge):


Aftermath: Reported to the FBI

A YouTube user called 'masterofmanythings1'11 has posted a video where he submits an online tip to the FBI. Whether this will result in anything other than a note in a file somewhere, we don't know.

The March 22 failure was also covered by this Doubtful News article.

Terral's Explanation for the non-event

Terral has an explanation of why the March 22nd date did not have his predicted 9.0+ earthquake: "They" used HAARP12 to neutralize it.

March 22nd. Yeah, that's the day that we should have… that we hit the rift. Um, so that, uh, what… apparently what happened was, they used HAARP… to create a counter-wave… that appears to be what the science is that I'm getting from the different people who are smarter than I am, who have degrees in this stuff … that advise me on this stuff… that appears to be the consensus that instead of using HAARP to amplify the event… they didn't want people to wake up… they want people to stay asleep… so they sent it… they used the 1.2 hertz13 carrier wave to create a counter-wave, and they deflected the trough… see the trough is an anomaly in space that stretches across, and … you know what? All I'm saying is that's the leading hypothesis, and I'm very difficult to … to… to conclude. I need to have a lot of re… a lot of witnesses saying the same thing before I do that, but … I put that in the little… uh… see it's like a clothes dryer, I take all that data and I throw it in there and it jumbles and it ment… it, uh, … it.. it ends up turning into something… and… we just have to let the investigation continue… and… I don't know, that's the way that I investigate… seems to work pretty good 'cause I'm very patient, I'll just let that keep churning, until eventually it all makes sense. And I put it in with all the d… with the larger amount of information that makes everything all make sense, a little bit better. And that's what I call doing good investigation work, the kind of stuff that deek and John would do, or e… earthplay, he's another person I consider to be a great researcher, and um, he gets on the case like a hound dog, and tracks it down. If he would only come and share it, then everyone could benefit a lot from listening to those two guys right there… cream of the crop of the people, of the researchers that are willing to step up and do… and help the people so that they can make something that's kind of complicated, that a normal human being can understand it. Go ahead like we're open mic…"

Update June 2012

Terral is still clinging to his "HMO hypothesis" and his failed 188 day cycle. He explains the current complete lack of effects from the HMO as a "lull period" due to the HMO's position between May 8 and July 8. After that, he predicts an "upswing" in Earth-changes as the HMO approaches.

He claims to be in contact with three groups of astronomers who are "tracking" the object, and hopes to provide actual images of it in the summer of 2012.

He claims that as the HMO approaches, it will first appear as a "bar". It will then begin to look like a "backwards C" due to the Event Horizon surrounding it. Then "photon vortices" will become visible, which will look like teepees. Then the "orbitals" will become visible, which are objects orbiting around the central "black dwarf star". This is all, of course, sheer fantasy.

Regarding the dangers from the (fictitious) approaching HMO, Terral is still suggesting that people move away from the big cities and away from the coasts.

Magnetopause reversal.

Terral has claimed that a recent "magnetopause reversal" was caused by subatomic particles emitted from the HMO which overwhelmed the solar wind. Terral states that a magnetopause reversal "is not supposed to be able to happen", but in fact they happen quite regularly. The likely explanation is a Hot Flow Anomaly - these occur about once a day near Earth and have also been observed at Venus. They create a temporary surge and flood of material that can cause a reversal of the solar wind.14

"Hot flow anomalies release so much energy that the solar wind is deflected, and can even move back toward the sun. That's a lot of energy when you consider that the solar wind is supersonic – traveling faster than the speed of sound – and the HFA is strong enough to make it turn around."15

This recent reversal was a much talked about topic among the woo-woo and conspiracy community, with Terral's "explanation" being just one of many.

Updated Timeline.

Terral's Timeline for 2012, taken from his Newsletter volume 33:

March 20-22, 2012 - Earth reaches center of near orbit for Sun/Earth/Black Star alignment.
May 8, 2012 - Earth crosses Black Star orbit line to begin earth change lull period.
June 24, 2012 - Earth reaches outside orbit position
July 8, 2012 - Earth changes pick up again with shortening magnetic portal connection.

Aug. 17, 2012 - Black Star crosses Earth orbit line.

September 12, 2012 (+/-) Black Star reaches Mercury orbit to ignite and become Second Sun.

[ RESULT - No second sun. FAIL. ]

Sept. 22, 2012 - Black Star reaches perihelion position and maximum velocity.
Sept. 23, 2012 - Ecliptic and Celestial Planes intersect at equinox.

Sept. 26, 2012 - Black Star passes between Sun and Earth for Sun/Black Star Earth alignment and 90-degree geological pole shift with proximity about 35 million miles.

[RESULT - No pole shift. FAIL. ]

Oct. 6, 2012 (+/-) Black Star ceases to be visible moving away from Sun proximity.

[RESULT - It was not visible at any time. FAIL. ]

Oct. 28, 2012 - Black Star crosses Earth orbit line at nearest Earth proximity @ about 24 million miles.
Dec. 3, 2012 - Earth passes between Sun and Black Star for Sun/Earth Black Star alignment with proximity @ about 48 million miles.

Other claims

A fuller description of Terral's other theories can be found in TERRAL PART 2

Chemtrails, nanobots and borax

March 21, 2012. Terral is claiming that "chemtrails" (sprayed from aircraft) contain nanobots, which are breathed in and infect people. They then supposedly multiply inside the human body, and facilitate some sort of "control" of the person by the government. He claims that their replication can be slowed or prevented by drinking Borax solution - "a pinch" per liter of water. He claims to be taking this himself on a regular basis. Several of his followers have also claimed to be taking it, and have experienced extreme diuretic effects.

As of March 2012, Terral's main Paltalk channel has been deactivated, by the site owners. It is thought that this was due to his pseudo-medical advice regarding drinking Borax solution. He found alternative chat room providers, and continued to speak in other Paltalk rooms in a limited capacity. He later returned with his own chat room.

Borax can cause discomfort in the respiratory system and irritation in the skin. Substantial dosage of Borax leads to nausea, pains in the abdominal area, and seizures. Infertility or abnormalities to an unborn child may also occur if the patient is not careful enough in dealing with this compound.

Polarity Control:

Terral claims that the axial tilt of planets is controlled by magnetic attraction and repulsion between them and other bodies, including the Sun and Elenin. This is absolute nonsense. Individual planets continue to spin on their axes due to their own conserved Angular Momentum. Slight variations in axial tilt are known to be caused by, for example, the effects of the gravitational (not magnetic!) pulls of the Sun and Moon on the Earth's slightly non-spherical shape, causing Precession and the Chandler wobble among other effects, but these are not even remotely the same as the extreme "magnetic polarity control" that Terral claims. Terral should also ask himself why the Sun's magnetic field, which flips during the 11 year sunspot cycle, does not exert "polarity control" on any planet.16

Jupiter's core:

Terral has claimed that "Jupiter's core is melting" due to the incoming HMO. As with many of his claims, this is a distorted version of a genuine scientific story. The real story involves a theory by planetary scientists Hugh Wilson and Burkhard Militzer of the University of California, Berkeley. They have calculated that over millions of years, some materials in Jupiter's core may have become liquefied and transported into the rest of the planet by convection currents, making the core smaller today than it was at the planet's birth. Terral speaks of this as something that has just recently started happening, due to the HMO. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The paper suggests that "The amount of core material redistributed over the lifetime of the planet could be on the orders of tens of percent for a planet of Jupiter size."17

Other pseudo-scientific claims by Terral include the following:

The object is super-cooled by releasing sub atomic particles, which is why NASA says we're in a Photon Belt, and these particles are placing more stress on the Earth's magnetosphere. The edge of the object's event horizon looks like a "HAARP ring", and there's "a series of teepees along the edge" which are "photon vortices" formed from electrons and sub atomic particles which have difficulty leaving the high gravity, so they file out along the lines of magnetism, which is important because you can't see it with a conventional telescope but you can see it's effect on the environment, and once you can see the HAARP rings then you can see the photon vortices and capture the orbitals.

The above nonsense, and more, can be heard in this recording of Terral speaking in his chat room on Jan 3 2012.

Group History

Terral's group has been through a tumultuous history. Key members have left, others have changed allegiances, some have split off to create new groups. There is a large amount of material on the Web dealing with the various splits, reorganizations, and squabbles.

Here is one example from Terral's own channel:

"I greatly regret having to leave Zoey's research room, but simply had no choice. EnergySupply2008, Timothy Paul and Envylife are doing everything in their power to dismantle these astronomy research rooms from Paltalk using any means necessary. EnergySupply2008 and Timothy Paul have put out a bounty on my head to try and pinpoint my location, which is a bad sign that we have delusional lunatics on the loose trying to make trouble. Energy came in and began dismantling Envy's room and his intention is to continue the tearing down of these astronomy research rooms. The group admins came together and suggested that I start my own research group, which seems to be the best solution for keeping the research going without disruption by these idiots with no life and far too much time on their hands to cause trouble for others."

A group opposed to Terral was created, named "Planet X Earth Changes And Truth Seekers Research". The group leaders were "Envylife904", "EnergySupply2008" and "Relic1974". They produced several videos opposing Terral's theories (see Envylife's YouTube channel here). The group's website is here.

The chat rooms run by Terral, his allies, and by those who oppose him have been through many re-namings, far too numerous to document here. Just the titles of some of the rooms are an indication of the nonsense that is discussed therein:-

The Prepper Zone Bugout Room.
Revolution Research group.
Terrals Research Group.
Terrals Astronomy Research Room.
Convo in the Cosmos.
Revolution Research Group.
Thinking Out Of The Box.
BabaGlee 2012 Research Sanctuary.
WackaDooS Research 2012 False Prediction Group.
TSN Research Group.
Planet X Earth Changes And Truth Seekers Research.
Caught At The Crossroads.
The Cosmic Crossroads.

(There is also a genuine science room on Paltalk, called "Examine The Universe", but hardly anyone ever goes in it.)

In the Chat Rooms and Radio Shows

Terral and Causic between them handle most of the "science" behind the disaster scenarios. Causic also makes long rambling "morale boosting" speeches, in the style of a sports coach motivating players. For example, before each radio show, he encourages everyone in the Paltalk room to invade the radio station's chat room and flood it with links to Terral's website and newsletter. He calls this "terraforming" the situation to be more "profitable" for the group. Causic often speaks of the group "taking off" or "going viral". Update Jan 1013: Causic appears to have left the group.

Anyone who disagrees with the group, or who presents evidence debunking their theories, is called "A HATER" and is ejected as soon as possible.

The over-riding objective is always the same - to maintain and increase membership numbers.

Terral and his partners obtain money (allegedly) by:

1. Asking for donations. Terral removed this video, in which he asks people to "dig deep" for donations, after receiving complaints, but it was mirrored by another YouTube user - TerralO3 Needs Your Money Now! Update - this has now also been deleted.

2. Selling or renting "cave space". See Elenin timeline. Some sources put the figures for rental at thousands of dollars.

3. Subscriptions to a newsletter. This is advertised on the Website as follows: "Get Terral's 2012 Newsletter (52 issues for 2012) and stay informed about the Heavy-mass Object and important information. Click on the Paypal Button to subscribe, 25 dollars for the entire year"

4. Possibly fees for appearing on radio shows.

Terral's reaction to this page

Terral gave his opinion of 2012hoax.org (now Cosmophobia.org) during a chat room session.18 A person in the room posted a link to our Terral-debunking page. They were immediately ejected from the room:

Terral: "That's how you get on the ban list instantly. We do not attack other members using the shill methodology, where this 2012hoax deal, that's the people with an agenda, those are the people that have been attacking Earthplay for a long time, now I'm on their list. They wanna make me famous. I guess. But if they wanna come in and present an opposing view, that's wonderful, come in and explain what turned the magnetotail around for 28 hours, whether it's a galactic plane hypothesis or a gamma ray burst or whatever it is. If you have an opposing view, I love that, I wanna hear your science, I wanna try to build that model, make it walk and talk for me. But doing the stuff that they do, then they're just shills, they're just one step above a troll, just one little step above a troll, and that's all they got, they just post links about stuff, and that's it. There's no dot-rule for those guys. Whenever they're just gonna attack people, they're not here to share with anybody, they're not trying to wake you up about something, and to help you understand a pattern, or anything like that, so you can run your own investigation. They just wanna attack a person. That's what we don't allow here. Generally if you come on the mic or in text, if you attack somebody you're gonna get a dot, unless you're posting links like 2012org. That's the exception. Those guys go right on the banned list, immediately."

So for "attacking" Terral or his followers you are only given a dot (a temporary block) - but for the mere mention of 2012hoax.org you are given an instant and permanent ban!

Terral continued:

"The way that we're gonna build a large group again, like we had before, is by allowing members to share. And we're gonna be on topics rather than on other members. That's what breaks these rooms apart, is whenever members start attacking members."

What really "breaks his rooms apart" are the repeated failures of his predictions. We have seen the same pattern several times: the excitement mounts during the months leading up to his predicted "event" - his following increases - the event fails - his following plummets.

Claims that he is Adam and God

Recording of the "Terral's Research Group' PalTalk room


2. Croft, Terral. May 11, 2011. ""ELEnin Dwarf Star Warning September 26, 2011" YouTube.com, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqV0StQbJQs


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